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February 2018

Likarda’s Proprietary 3D Cluster Technology, the CC Microplate™, is Now Available for Purchase

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CC Microplate from LikardaA chemical’s toxicity to humans is one of the leading causes for promising, new drugs to fail. Often, a drug can show positive results in improving one condition, yet have toxic effects on other human organs. Until recently, researchers’ ability to test how human and animal cells respond to a drug was limited to the confines of a two-dimensional petri dish.

Though widely used, 2D testing is far from ideal because this method cannot accurately predict cells’ reaction given that, in the body, cells attach to one another and move three dimensionally. In addition, valuable time and expense are wasted testing a new drug in two dimensions only to have it fail; those same resources could be allocated sooner to the next promising option. After all, curing diseases such as diabetes and cancer is a race against time.

The limitations of two-dimensional testing were overcome when researchers discovered a way to create and study small 3D structures, miniaturized organ-like cell clusters. Yet this too was not without challenges since 3D cells are hard to work with and very complicated.

Likarda Invented the CC Microplate to Enhance Miniature 3D Cell Structure Formation
Likarda dramatically advanced 3D cluster technology by inventing its CC Microplate, allowing life-saving treatments to go to market faster and more affordably. These patented CC Microplates can produce and test 200,000 clusters of cells in the same amount of space that traditional microplates form and test 384 cell clusters, which saves significant time and money. Cell clusters formed in the CC Microplate can be used for:

  • Drug testing
  • Developing cell-based transplantations
  • Regenerative medicine

The CC Microplate can be used with screening methods ranging from biochemical assays to phenotypic or high content screening.

The CC Microplate Improves Prediction of the Body’s Response to a Drug
The CC Microplate gives you the ability to form cell clusters from different tissues and populations, including those specific to age, sex, species, and breed. Cell clusters formed in the CC Microplate have a low diffusion barrier and are in close proximity so they can attach and react naturally to each other, as well as the drug with which they’re being tested. This results in better prediction of the body’s response. For ease of use, cell clusters can even be made from cryopreserved cells.

The  CC Microplate is Vastly More Efficient Than Other Microplates
Using this proprietary cell culture system can give you an advantage over your competitors by offering a truly scalable solution with vast applicability. Cell clusters, both animal and human, developed in the microplate are uniform in size and can be maintained for longer time periods. Likarda’s CC Microplate is currently available in a 384-well plate format.  This SLAS-compliant format can be readily integrated into the lab and works with existing automated equipment and methodologies.

Being the first to market with your drug discovery is critical to improving health outcomes for humans and animals and establishing market share. Move forward confidently by using Likarda’s CC Microplate in your 3D cell research.

Contact us for more information on purchasing the CC Microplate.