A New Dimension in Healing Pets and People

A New Dimension in Healing Pets and People
Likarda is a biotech company focused on developing next generation cell-based therapies. We have a patented microencapsulation formulation platform technology which protects encapsulated cells. We are starting with the development of this technology for diabetes in dogs and cats, with the goal of replacing daily insulin injections.

Advanced Microencapsulation Technology
For many years, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have been investigating the use of cell-based therapies to treat, or even cure, some of our most debilitating diseases. Microencapsulation enables nutrients, proteins, small-molecules and other essential chemicals to freely diffuse through a hydrogel maintaining cell viability while holding them in a target location in the body. Alginate and alginate-based materials have been the most popular material for use because of desirable manufacturing characteristics. However, time and time again, no matter how many modifications are made to the alginate and its backbone, these formulations typically fail clinically.

Core-Shell Spherification™ (CSS) is Likarda’s patented formulation technology that enables microencapsulation of cells and cell clusters using advanced, “slow-gelling” hydrogels. This technology is cell friendly, compatible with diverse cell types, and can be produced with a variety of biocompatible hydrogel materials. With Likarda’s ability and know-how in this area we can control size, degradation rates, cell loading, and the physical and chemical properties of the microbeads, providing a wealth of opportunities to create successful cell-based therapeutics

Injectable Transplant for Diabetic Pets
Leveraging the benefits of our CSS microencapsulation technology, Likarda is focused on insulin-producing cells as an injection for administration by a veterinarian for pets with diabetes. Our research shows that the insulin-producing cells begin to take over the need for exogenous insulin administration as these cells post-transplantation produce and release insulin in response to glucose. During our clinical phase testing, Likarda will be able to determine how long the hydrogel lasts, thus increasing the duration of efficacy.

Seeking Strategic Partners and Investors
Likarda’s strength lies in its R&D program and in developing targeted cell-based therapies for animal and human health.  Our development program has historically been funded with a mix of angel investments and revenue-generating contract research. As we continue to develop and scale our technology platform, we will pursue creative ways to fund programs ranging from feasibility studies through commercialization. As Likarda brings these products to market, we are open to exploring opportunities with development and strategic partners, and additional investors.

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Product Pipeline


Enabling Drug Discovery
When new discoveries are explored, everyone wins with faster, more predictable results. Building meaningful partnerships with other science and research organizations is ingrained in each one of us and is a part of our culture. Our partnerships in our field allow us to meet our clients’ needs and can be purchased directly from Likarda or through one of these partners:

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