Support to Help Get Your Discovery to the Next Level

Likarda’s research and analytic services are designed, and continue to evolve with science, in ways that empower you to achieve your goals faster and more affordably than you ever imagined. Our team, consisting of researchers and entrepreneurs, provides or assists with accessory services for a comprehensive source for getting your discovery to the next level.

Our team includes academic scientists and engineers with expertise in cell biology, bioengineering, physiology and analytical chemistry, along with industry scientists from traditional pharmaceutical companies and immunization therapy. In addition, they have expansive experience in GLP/GMP environments. Depending on your needs, consultative services can help with:

  • Study designs
  • Understanding governmental regulations
  • Analysis of existing data either privately held or in the public domain
  • Formation of scientifically based marketing materials

Grant Writing
The most successful grant proposals are tailored to your specific needs and the funding program goals. At Likarda, we take pride in being able to identify and analyze grant opportunities. The Likarda team has garnered over $5 million in external grants for their own projects and those of their collaborators. We provide the following:

  • Extensive research
  • Need assessments
  • Program model development
  • Creation of management plans
  • Evaluation design
  • Budget planning
  • Completion of required federal and agency forms

Manuscripts, Patents and Presentations
The Likarda team has published more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers and, at any given time, is working on another 10–15 publications. Our team can assist you with preparing manuscripts and presentations for business or scientific audiences. We also partner with clients to review and prepare materials for patents and regulatory agencies.

We also provide these services:

  • Review and interpretation of all study-related data
  • IND-enabling recommendations and studies
  • Preparation of peer-reviewed and expert opinion publications
  • Review of materials for brochures or collateral materials
  • Assistance or presentation of oral presentations for business or science audiences
  • Expedited services available (rapid turnaround times)