Unique Assays for Complex Scientific Questions

Incorporate 3D cluster technology into your research using Likarda’s services.
While Likarda’s scientists frequently conduct studies in 2D, our expertise lies in developing complex 3D assays. Our 3D technology can use scaffolds, or can be produced without scaffolding.  Our cell clusters are all uniform in size, and run on 96 or 384-well plate formats. We’re able to produce them from a variety of different cell types in many different species whether primary cells or cell lines. These assays can be useful for toxicology, metabolism, cell health and a number of other aspects.

Unique Assay Development
New therapies that utilize the intact immune system, alter genes, or are comprised of cells as therapy, require complex in vitro assays. Likarda’s scientists are experienced in developing and validating new assays, depending on the client’s needs. Outcome measures include questions on function, mechanism-of-action, and short- and long-term toxicity. Publications by our scientists, highlight some of the capabilities of the team. While most of our work is confidential for our clients.

Cell-Based Compound Screening
Likarda’s scientific team conducts large- and small-scale compound screens for academia, small start-ups, or large pharmaceutical companies. We utilize liquid handling robots and our patented microplates to conduct high through-put screens in 2D or with 3D cell clusters.

Drug-Drug Interactions
We have extensive experience in searching for synergies or antagonistic relationships between test compounds and a variety of molecules including marketed drugs, environmental factors, nutraceuticals or other test compounds. Our proprietary computer programs direct our robotics lab to test 1000s of compound combinations in a rapid time frame, with almost instantaneous results. Likarda data have been included in multiple patents for our clients to support combination drug therapies.