Core-Shell Spherification™: an immunoprotective shield for all types of cell-based treatments

When donor cells are transplanted into a recipient’s body without protection, the immune system attacks them as foreign. Traditionally, systemic immunosuppressive drugs are administered in order to prevent the attack and protect the cell transplant.

Instead, we microencapsulate (coat) our cells and cell clusters in a hydrogel material that blocks the immune system from attacking. Core-Shell Spherification™(CSS) is our patented process that microencapsulates cells and cell clusters using hydrogels that were once thought to be usable only in a bulk or large format.

These beads, ranging in size from 300-1000 microns, protect the encapsulated cells from destruction by the immune system without the need for immunosuppression drugs, while still allowing small molecules and nutrients (oxygen, glucose, insulin) to nourish the cells.

CSS is specifically designed for advanced hydrogels with much slower gelation rates compared to alginate.  Examples include hyaluronic acid and PEG-based hydrogels. For the first time, it’s possible to produce microspheres with a wide variety of chemical, physical, bioactive properties.

CSS protects transplanted cells from:

  • Immune rejection
  • Loss of phenotype
  • Unwanted migration
  • Tumorigenicity (stem cells)

 Encapsulated cell clusters

Use our proprietary technologies for your cell therapies

Our work on developing novel therapies for pets suffering from endocrine diseases was just the beginning. Our proprietary technologies, including 3D cell culture and microencapsulation, plus our R&D expertise make us a great partner to support developing your cell-based therapy.

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Cell Therapies

Developing novel cell therapies for pets or humans

Cells are the building blocks of life. When living cells are medicine, they have the potential to treat or cure a wide variety of diseases and ailments. Current cell therapies include bone marrow transplants and stem cell treatments.

Our Kanslet™ transplantation system is a simple procedure that transplants insulin-producing cell clusters via injection into pets with diabetes to improve quality of life for them and their owners. Using our patented CC MicroplateTM, we produce scaffold-free, uniform cell clusters in a highly efficient, scalable way. Many cells prefer a three-dimensional format, better mimicking their natural environment to maintain normal function. These cell clusters can be made from most cell types.

 Encapsulated cell clusters