Our Patented CC MicroplateTM Supercharges Cell Cluster Production and Testing

If a new, promising drug fails, it’s usually due to toxicity issues with organs. Predicting toxicity using 2D testing wastes valuable time and resources that could be spent on moving on to the next promising drug.

We Didn’t Create Miniaturized Organ-Like Cell Clusters.
We Improved Them.

Three-dimensional cell clusters are not new to science. However, our proprietary and patented  microplate brings life-saving treatments to market faster and more affordably by producing 200,000 cell clusters in the same amount of space as other microplates produce only 384. That’s time and money saved.

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Produce 200,000 cells in our 384-well microplate

Each well has 150 microwells etched into the glass surface

Better Predication of Drug Efficacy

Cells are free to move, aggregate, and react as they would in a 3D environment for better prediction of a body’s response to tested drugs. Our 3D cluster technology allows cells to be maintained for a longer period of time, and it has been incorporated within standard well plate formats to offer a solution that can integrate with industry standard automated equipment. This efficiency gives Likarda or your lab an advantage over competitors by offering a truly scalable solution with vast applicability in:

  • Drug testing
  • Developing cell-based transplantations
  • Regenerative medicine

Our CC MicroplatesTM can also be combined with currently available assays to screen for endpoints such as:

  • Viability
  • Function
  • Toxicity
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Protein Production

More Benefits of Using Likarda’s CC MicroplateTM in Your Assay or Lab:

  • The ability to form clusters from different tissues and populations: Age-, sex-, species-, or breed-specific testing
  • A low diffusion barrier ensures total drug exposure
  • Uniform cluster size
  • Averaged response from multiple clusters per well
  • Glass bottom enables high content microscopy
  • Improved prediction of native response by the body
  • Efficient scalability and SLAS-compliant for automated applications
  • Available now in a sterile, 384-well format

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Glass bottom allows for imaging cell-based assays of 3D spheroids

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