Microencapsulation and Cell Therapies

Core-Shell Spherification™: a shield and delivery option for all types of cell-based treatments

Cells are the building blocks of life. When living cells are medicine, they have the potential to treat or cure a wide variety of diseases and ailments. Current examples of cell therapies include bone marrow transplants, stem cell treatments, and islet transplants.  For many years, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have been investigating the use of cell-based treatments for some of our most debilitating diseases. Microencapsulation enables nutrients, proteins, small-molecules and other essential chemicals to freely diffuse through a hydrogel maintaining cell viability while holding them in a target location in the body. Alginate and alginate-based materials have been the most popular material for use because of desirable manufacturing characteristics. However, time and time again, no matter how many modifications are made to the alginate and its backbone, these formulations typically fail clinically.

Core-Shell Spherification™(CSS) is our patented formulation technology that microencapsulates cells and cell clusters using hydrogels that were once thought to be usable only in a bulk or large format. CSS is specifically designed for advanced hydrogels with slower gelation rates compared to alginate.  Examples include hyaluronic acid and PEG-based hydrogels. For the first time, it’s possible to produce microspheres with a wide variety of chemical, physical, and bioactive properties. Tuning the formulations allow control of microbead size, degradation rates, and cell loading densities, providing a wealth of opportunity to create successful cell-based therapeutics.

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 Encapsulated cell clusters

Developing novel therapies for pets or humans

Our work on developing novel therapies for pets suffering from endocrine diseases is just the beginning. Our proprietary technologies, including 3D cell culture and microencapsulation, plus our R&D expertise make us a great partner to support developing your cell-based therapy.

In addition to focusing on the application of canine diabetes, we are in the early stages of designing and testing cell therapies for the treatment of sepsis and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.  In the case of arthritis, a specially-designed hydrogel formulation maintains the encapsulated stem cells in the afflicted joint for the sustained application of healing biomolecules.

Use our proprietary technologies for your cell therapies

Upcoming treatments in cell therapies include natural or engineered/genetically-modified cells (or medicine-producing cells) that secrete bioactive molecules that provide localized or systemic therapeutic effects. The ability to keep cells within a defined space in the body using our “sticky” microencapsulation formulation is an advantage over other microparticle administration procedures.

As you are developing your cell therapies, CSS can provide you the encapsulation that your cell therapy requires for successful injection and therapeutic effect.  Cell therapies present the opportunity to change the way we practice medicine and Likarda’s CSS technology opens new applications and opportunities that are otherwise unavailable.  Contact Likarda for development, partnering, or licensing opportunities.

Move confidently forward with your cell therapies

 Encapsulated cell clusters

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