Supporting State and National Bio Consortiums as a CRO Outsourcing Partner

When a member’s discovery warrants research, but falls out of scope of a large contract research organization’s (CRO’s) services or requires specific collaboration, partner with Likarda. We apply our world-class, proven tools and processes to smaller projects for faster and more predictable results at a discounted price for your members who need to outsource to a CRO.

Strengthening Your Partnerships with Scalable, Quality Research
CROs cannot scale down to meet the funding or time schedule needs of all your members, which causes promising research projects to be turned away because they can’t find a flexible partner. That leads to discoveries left undiscovered and members discouraged.

Likarda partners with state and national bioconsortiums so you can get each member where they need to be with comparable research, yet we tailor time, price, and scalability to those smaller projects. Then we return the data to your member with the collaborative support they require. Through outsourcing to a CRO, a smaller-scale research void becomes discovery opportunity.

Likarda performs human and veterinary drug discovery and development services in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Supplements
  • Herbal products
  • Cosmetics and hygiene
  • Other health care products

Partner for Cost, Speed and Quality
Our team takes time to understand the ultimate goals of your members’ smaller projects and customizes our research to meet their needs. When a potential discovery’s success hinges on not only the data, but also on helping your members navigate the next step, that’s Likarda.

When members need scalable early-phase research discovery, but their projects aren’t suited for CROs, Likarda makes sense.

When you’re ready for scalable, tailored, quality research, contact us:


Supporting Bio Consortiums is a Pathway to Discovery
Partnerships with bio consortiums drive research options and can open the door to discovery. Building trusted partnerships with bio consortiums is a part of our company culture. Our work helps to improve other researchers’ work so it’s natural to align ourselves with bio consortiums whose members share the same goal.

BioKansas is a unified voice representing the biosciences in Kansas. Across the human, plant, animal and industrial biosciences, BioKansas is focused on enhancing the business and research climate and working with leaders across the state to attract and retain bioscience talent, companies and funding.

NMBio is a catalyst for bioscience industry acceleration in New Mexico, providing a forum for information exchange, developing initiatives to enhance business success and bioscience education, helping establish collaboration and serving as a voice of the industry to state, federal and local governments.

The Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO) is the state’s premier professional business association dedicated to growing and protecting Missouri’s bioscience and high tech companies.

The mission of Bio Nebraska is to be the champion of biotechnology and an advocate for its member organizations promoting academic, industry, and government partnerships to foster the growth of life sciences within Nebraska. Nebraska biotechnology researchers expand the boundaries of science to benefit mankind.