Helping Pharmaceutical New Drug Discoveries Go from Bench to Bedside

When new drug discoveries warrant scientific investigation, but require academic-like research and 3D assay development not available in-house, partner with Likarda. We apply our world-class, proven tools and processes to pharma research projects for faster and more predictable results.

Scalability Brings Opportunity to Go from Bench to Bedside Faster and Confidently
No pharmaceutical company can do everything when it comes to scaling to meet the financial investment or timing associated with early, new drug research and development. This can cause promising drugs or therapies to be turned away because they aren’t the right fit for the company. That leads to lost business and revenue, as well as potentially life-changing discoveries left undiscovered.

Likarda provides outsourced, early phase drug discovery research for pharmaceutical companies across the U.S. and around the world, discovering promising drugs and advancing them to the next research phase. Our research team performs academic-level work, yet we tailor time, price and scalability to the pharmaceutical market. Then we return our early phase findings back to the pharmaceutical company so that decisions can be made to move forward or not. That’s how business loss becomes business opportunity

Creating Efficiencies Through Outsourced New Drug Development Research
Likarda performs human and veterinary drug discovery and development services. Our team is renowned for achieving accurate, high-quality results across all phases of drug discovery and development, including:

  • 3D cell-based assays and technologies
  • Assay development
  • Toxicology
  • Metabolism
  • Cell health assays
  • Pharmacodynamics studies
  • Other cell-based assays
  • Preclinical animal studies
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Analytical chemistry

Outsource for Cost, Speed, and Quality
Our team takes time to understand early phase research projects’ ultimate goals and customizes our research to meet them. When a potential discovery’s success hinges on not only the data, but also on a pharmaceutical company’s decision to invest in the next step, that’s Likarda.

When a discovery warrants research, but requires scalability and processes not available in house, Likarda makes sense. Partner with us directly or through Science Exchange and

When you’re ready for efficient research that can take your new drug from the bench to the bedside, contact us:


Enabling Drug Discovery
When new discoveries are explored, everyone wins with faster, more predictable results. Building meaningful partnerships with other science and research organizations is ingrained in each one of us and is a part of our culture. Our partnerships in our field allow us to meet our clients’ needs.

Science Exchange is the easiest way for scientists to order experiments from the world’s best service providers. Likarda is a Science Exchange Verified Provider.

Scientist provides research innovation at your fingertips. Scientist helps translate ideas into breakthrough results. Use it to save time, reduce costs and access the latest tools from industry-leading CROs like Likarda.

Biopredic serves academic and industrial research in drug development, drug discovery, cosmetics and chemicals with over 400 products distributed worldwide.

Hamilton is a leading global supplier of liquid-handling robots with proven 3D experience. Hamilton’s systems are in use at InSphero for large-scale production of microtissues.

Integra offers a range of automated hand-held and bench-top pipetting instruments ideally suited to bring speed, precision and flexibility to the Likarda lab.

Promega supplies assay kits to Likarda and helps to optimize assays for use with 3D microtissue spheroids.