Improving the Efficacy of Cellular Therapies

We’re introducing a whole new modality for the delivery of cell therapies. Ours is the first and only customized platform to help you target cell therapies to increase their potency.

Deliver Your Therapies How, Where and When They’re Most Effective

Much like drugs are delivered in tablets, capsules, or slow-release formulations, Likarda has patented formulation technologies for all kinds of cell therapies. Our library of hydrogels can be customized to fit the specific needs of each of your cell therapies.

Powerful Therapy Protection Backed by Strong Science

The scientific team at Likarda has published extensively over the years and the most relevant are available here.

Live Cell Encapsulation Using Core-Shell Spherification (CSS)


The only platform that enables customized delivery systems to optimize cell function


CSS enables the use of any cross linkable hydrogel providing a plethora of customizable options


Ensures cellular therapies get to, and stay, where they can be most effective


CSS overcomes a major challenge for cell therapies by keeping them at the target location


Cell therapies are shielded from the body’s natural defense mechanisms


CSS utllizes stealth materials designed with the immune system in mind

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Cellular Therapies

Core-Shell Spherification

We have developed a completely new method (Core-Shell Spherification) to use superior hydrogels with much slower gelation rates compared to alginate, enabling the production of microspheres with a variety of chemical, physical, and bioactive properties.

50+ Different Formulations

There is a plethora of materials that can be used to microencapsulate cells, especially in the hydrogel category, including hyaluronic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, or polyethylene glycol. Many have characteristics similar to extracellular matrix. Others are abundant and inexpensive. These enable tailored options for each cell therapy that only we are able to deliver.

Why Cell Therapies Fail & What Can Be Done About It

What Our Partners Say About Likarda

We found the Likarda team to be a useful partner during our collaboration. Throughout our shared project they were responsive, timely, and showed scientific diligence. We thoroughly look forward to working with them further in the future.

— Richard Freeman, PhD
Commercial Manager, Roslin Technologies Limited