Microencapsulation and Cell Therapies

Microencapsulation of Biological Therapies

Remove the barriers to efficacy with a customized therapy delivery system.

Control Where and When Your Therapies Are Delivered

Gain control over the delivery of your therapies with Core Shell Spherification. Likarda’s CSS is specifically designed for advanced hydrogels with much slower gelation rates than has traditionally been available. Slower gelation rates mean you’re no longer limited to a single encapsulation formulation. A few examples include hyaluronic acid and PEG-based hydrogels. 

In addition, we choose different starting compounds and unique cross-linking schemes, so we can control microparticle size, drug/cell release rates, active ingredient loading density, diffusion properties, and stiffness of the microbeads. 

The delivery of your cellular therapy can now be tailored to the therapy, rather than tailoring your therapy to the constraints of the delivery mechanism.