Develop New Therapies

Develop New Therapies

Our platform is ideal for developing novel approaches to long-time challenges.

A Proven Platform for Innovation

Likarda’s scientists have utilized one of our durable hydrogel formulations to reverse diabetes in dogs. We created insulin-producing cells from human stem cells and then encapsulated them in one of our durable hydrogels. The product was simply infused into the abdomen of the dogs where the cells were able to sense blood glucose and release insulin, thereby eliminating the need for insulin injections.

Without first encapsulating the cells, these human cells would have been destroyed by the dog’s immune system within weeks.

The Impact of Encapsulated Cell Therapies

The graph illustrates the impact of a Likarda encapsulated cell therapy on diabetes. Prior to the injection of the cells into the abdomen (2 yellow lines), the dog was consistently hyperglycemic, even with insulin injections. After the transplant, the blood glucose levels normalized and the green box indicates when insulin was no longer administered.