Unlock Enhanced Efficacy with Your Biologic Therapies

Unlock Enhanced Efficacy with Your Biologic Therapies

Our Hydrogel Microbead Technology is revolutionizing storage, preparation, and delivery for biologic therapies.

Managing the Delivery of Biologic Molecules

Biologic therapies, comprised of large molecules like peptides or antibodies, are revolutionizing patient care, but simply injecting them IV, can result in poor efficacy because they are quickly cleared or they aren’t hitting their target. 

But there’s a catch.

How do you maintain the biologic in a specific site long enough for it to work? And how do you handle the challenges of preparation, storage, and administration?

You’re not alone in facing these challenges. Many professionals grapple with the tendency of these large molecules to aggregate or precipitate out of solution.

This not only affects the efficacy but also the ease of administration. Imagine having a high concentration of molecules that’s too thick to push through a needle.

Revolutionizing Biologic Storage, Preparation, and Delivery

Our cutting-edge technology addresses common biologic therapy challenges head-on. By encapsulating the hydrogel microbeads in a slow-release delivery system that holds the active ingredient at a specific location, enables longer residence times or reduction in therapeutic dose.

  • Extended Release Biologic: Likarda’s delivery system holds the active ingredient in place while slowly releasing the molecules over weeks or months depending on the therapeutic indication.
  • Patent Reformulation: Partnering with Likarda’s extended release delivery platform can provide new patent protection.

  • Prevention of Aggregation: By encapsulating the large molecules when they’re first in solution, our hydrogel microbead prevents aggregation and precipitation. No more clumping or falling out of solution.
  • Extended Shelf-Life: Our carriers can be dried to a powder form. But when you rehydrate them, they return to their original bead form. This means easier shipping and a longer shelf-life.
  • Easy Administration: Say goodbye to the struggle of pushing a viscous solution through a needle. With our microbeads in a simple saline solution, injections are smooth and hassle-free.

Join us in our mission to make biologic therapies more effective, more durable, and easier to administer. Because at Likarda, we believe in the power of innovation to transform patient care.