It’s All About
The Science

Our novel solution begins with a different approach—by using materials that are known to be inert in the body to avoid the body’s typical inflammatory response.

How It Works

Traditional encapsulation approaches started with materials that could easily be formed into microbeads, but were biologically immuno-reactive, eliciting an inflammatory response in the body that doomed the therapy to failure.

Likarda recognized the problem, but took a completely different approach to get to the solution. Starting with materials that were known to be inert in the body, the scientists found a novel way to manufacture those materials as microparticles, called Core Shell Spherification (CSS).

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Cellular Therapies

Core Shell Spherification

We’ve created novel combinations of backbone chemistry and crosslinkers by leveraging the well-established chemistry of hydrogels.

Microencapsulation of Biological Therapies

With CSS, you’re no longer constrained by a single encapsulation formulation. The delivery system is tailored to the needs of the therapeutic.

50+ Unique Formulations

Every biological therapy is different and requires unique properties to thrive, so we’ve developed and maintain a library of 50+ unique hydrogel formulations developed using CSS.


Our encapsulants also have applications beyond therapy delivery, in the form of cross-linked microbeads, or what we call ViscoBeads.