Advances in Cell Therapies for Companion Animals: Likarda Konnect

Webinar: Advances in Cell Therapies for Companion Animals

Wednesday, April 10 | 11am ET/8am PT | Online

Advances in Cell Therapies for Companion Animals

The animal health industry often lags behind the advances adopted in human health, especially when considering companion animals. In the case of cell therapies, many veterinarians appear to be embracing the advanced therapies quickly, especially in the treatment of osteoarthritis for horses and dogs.

We will discuss the promise of cell therapies in treating disease, new advances in the field in both the US and the UK, and the regulatory hurdles that must be overcome.

At this webinar, attendees can expect to hear about:

  • Overview of current approved of cell therapies for companion animals as well as those making their way through the regulatory process
  • Differences in allogeneic and autologous cell therapies for animals
  • Forecasts for the future of the animal health cell therapy industry

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Rob Hunter, PhD

Dr. Rob Hunter, PhD

Rob has thirty years of veterinary and human drug development experience with NASA, Pfizer, Elanco, and Parnell.  He has represented various companies in regulatory discussions at CVM/FDA, EMA/CVMP, APVMA, VDD (Canada), NVQRS/QIA (South Korea), Thailand FDA, NVAL (Japan), Ministry of Agriculture (Vietnam), and IVDC (China) regarding specific products, regulatory issues, and policies.

Dr. Jo Miller, PhD

Dr. Jo Miller, PhD

Jo has over 20 years of cell culture experience in both large pharmaceutical companies and smaller veterinary specialist regenerative medicine companies. She studied for her PhD in cell culture at Leeds University and has been the managing director of two veterinary regenerative medicine companies for over 10 years. spoken many times at international stem cell congresses.

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