Likarda Announces Core Shell Spherification for Large Molecule Biologics and Welcomes New CEO, Dr. Stella Vnook

Sep 13, 2023 | Press Release

Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 13, 2023 – Likarda, LLC, a pioneering cell therapy company, is at the forefront of creating advanced delivery systems that enhance the efficacy of cell therapies. Central to their innovative approach is the Core-Shell Spherification® (CSS®) platform technology, designed to significantly elevate treatment outcomes.

In a significant move for the biologics industry, Likarda is proud to announce two major developments: the expansion of its Core Shell Spherification (CSS) technology and the appointment of Dr. Stella Vnook as the new CEO.

Revolutionizing Biologics Delivery with CSS

Likarda’s groundbreaking CSS technology is now expanding its horizons beyond cell therapy. This innovative approach will now design and produce delivery systems for large molecule biologics, including antibodies and peptides. This expansion addresses several challenges faced by the biologics industry:

  • Targeted Delivery: Ensuring the therapeutic remains at the target site.
  • Optimal Dosing: Guaranteeing the right dosage at the target location in the body.
  • Stability: Maintaining large molecules in solution during both manufacturing and storage.
  • IP Protection: Benefiting from Likarda’s robust portfolio of patents.

In collaboration with a business partner in the antibody field, Likarda has developed an extended release version that delivers the antibody consistently over two months with just a single injection. The adaptability of the Likarda platform means that biologics can be delivered to specific areas for durations ranging from days to months.

Dr. Stella Vnook Takes the Helm at Likarda

To steer the company into this exciting new phase, Likarda is delighted to introduce Dr. Stella Vnook as the new CEO. With over 25 years in the pharma industry, Dr. Vnook’s illustrious career began at Merck & Co. She played pivotal roles in the Merck/Schering-Plough JV, the growth of Catalent, Jazz Pharma, and Enveric’s transition to IPO. Transitioning from a large Pharma executive to a Board Director and CEO of startup biotech organizations, Dr. Vnook has founded several startups, including MaiCell Therapeutics and NAKI Therapeutics.

Dr. Vnook’s unparalleled expertise lies in her ability to identify scientific solutions for high unmet clinical needs and transform them into viable business strategies. Her track record of turning scientific platforms and startup ventures into thriving biotech companies will be invaluable to Likarda.

Dr. Stehno-Bittel, Likarda’s Founder, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I eagerly anticipate partnering with Vnook and her team to elevate Likarda, building exponentially on our success.”

Why This Matters for the Biologics Space

For customers in the biologics space, these developments signify a new era of enhanced delivery systems and strategic leadership. Likarda’s expanded CSS technology promises more effective and longer-lasting treatments, while Dr. Vnook’s leadership ensures a clear, strategic direction for the company’s future.

Likarda is poised for transformative growth, and with these advancements, the company is better equipped than ever to serve the evolving needs of the biologics industry.

About Likarda

Likarda is a leading biotech company specializing in the development of enabling technologies for the delivery of both cell therapies and large molecule biologics. These advancements aim to enhance therapeutic efficacy and offer patients a sustainable solution for their chronic or life-threatening diseases. At the heart of Likarda’s innovation is the Core-Shell Spherification (CSS) technology. This revolutionary approach coats cells and biologics with inert hydrogels, ensuring they remain at their intended target location within the body and are shielded from potential degradation. This customizable platform is pivotal in maintaining cell viability and optimizing the delivery of biologics. For more insights, visit


Likarda, LLC
Karthik Ramachandran, Chief Business Officer & Founder



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