Likarda and Evia Bio Announce Novel Tech Cryo Partnership

Oct 10, 2023 | Press Release

Kansas City, MO, October 10, 2023 – Likarda, a leader in cell therapy encapsulation for delivery and Evia Bio, a life sciences innovation company that develops non-DMSO cryopreservation solutions, announced today a strategic partnership to deliver better and safer therapeutics.

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“Evia Bio and Likarda are built on a similar understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for cell therapy delivery,” said Lisa Stehno-Bittel, PhD, Founder and President of Likarda. “Each cell therapy is unique and requires a customized cryopreservation solution. Both companies have been doing this for years.”

Likarda and Evia Bio have a history of working cooperatively to provide better options for cryopreservation. This announcement solidifies their combined expertise and commitment to that goal. 

The microencapsulation materials that Likarda has developed help to block the extracellular environment from forming ice crystals. Evia Bio’s cryopreservation solutions protect the intracellular environment and maintain cell viability and function after a freeze/thaw cycle. The combined technologies offer cell therapy developers unrivaled delivery options.

“Likarda is an ideal partner for us,” said Allison Hubel, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Evia Bio. “Effective cryopreservation techniques enable advanced therapies to safely reach more patients at a higher level of performance. We are excited to pair our technologies with this goal in mind.”

Both teams are attending the Meeting on the Mesa, Oct. 10 – 12, 2023 in Carlsbad, CA.

About Likarda

Likarda is a leading biotech company specializing in the development of enabling technologies for the delivery of both cell therapies and large molecule biologics. These advancements aim to enhance therapeutic efficacy and offer patients a sustainable solution for their chronic or life-threatening diseases. At the heart of Likarda’s innovation is the Core-Shell Spherification (CSS) technology. This revolutionary approach coats cells and biologics with inert hydrogels, ensuring they remain at their intended target location within the body and are shielded from potential degradation. This customizable platform is pivotal in maintaining cell viability and optimizing the delivery of biologics. For more insights, visit

Media Contact

Lisa Stehno-Bittel
Founder and President

About Evia Bio

Evia Bio is a life sciences innovation company that develops non-DMSO cryopreservation solutions for the cell therapy industry. Our cryopreservation technology was developed by world-leading cryobiologist, Professor Allison Hubel, PhD, at the University of Minnesota and is optimized for each cell to deliver the highest cell viability, recovery, and functional performance.

Media Contact

Christiaan Engstrom
Chief Executive Officer



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